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A story where the heroic sales person always wins and the good guys walk away with the sale. A story where your Service Design creates partners out of customers and the evil King of Competition is banished to far off lands. A true story of skill, practise and application. Not just another yarn.....

About Us

Maverick Minstrel Consulting is an India based Sales and Service Design company with global ambitions. Formed by highly experienced sales professionals, the Mavericks have focused on improving the selling and conversational skills for large International Organisations. They also love to work with smaller, dynamic companies in helping them build their entire sales process and their service experience design. The Minstrels have founded India’s first Sales and Communication School, a classroom and virtual learning experience broken into bite-size chunks that make learning simple, fun and performance driven.

Sales Head On Demand

Training Solutions for Large Organizations

School of Sales and Communications

We do the hard task for you

Sales Head On Demand

Entrepreneurs who are technocrats are brilliant when it comes to building products and innovating. However, when it comes to communicating those ideas and driving sales performance, they are challenged with limited experience and bandwidth. Also, the cash flows may not permit them to hire a full time Sales Head. That’s the situation where our ‘Sales Head on Demand’ service can come in handy. Here’s how we support our current clients:

  1. Strategy for Predictable Sales: Co-creating a Sales Strategy and Plan for the year and implementing it through their sales team.
  2. Training Everyone to Speak One Language: Continuously Training the sales and non-sales teams to give a consistent message of service to the end customer.
  3. Reviewing Implementation: Monitoring and Coaching the teams (also building sales systems and end to end processes).

Since we charge a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time sales head, it gives our clients a tremendous opportunity to scale-up without taking on additional costs. Plus, they can get unlimited access to our researched best practices and our combined sales and leadership experience of more than 50 years and save time, resources and not to mention a lot of heart-burn.

Evaluation . Training . Implementation

Training Solutions for Large Organisations

It is always pleasant to get a consistent, uniform experience when dealing with any company. And experience says that larger the company, the rarer it is! Large companies also seem to have a lot of systems and processes, which make the whole experience soul less and dehumanized. 

Enter Maverick. We help companies keep their customer focus sharp and their heart on their sleeve. 

Here’s what we are doing for companies like Capgemini and Stock Holding Corporation:

  1. Evaluation: Conducting a complimentary Sales & Service Gap Evaluation for your teams. 
  2. Training: If the need arises from the Evaluation study, designing and delivering digestible chunks of micro-training sessions across multiple locations using flexible online and offline platforms.
  3. Implementation: Designing productivity tools and handing them over to your sales leadership who can then continue leading the teams the new way.

In a world of commoditization, let your customer experience be your biggest differentiator.

School for individual professionals

Step Up School of Sales and Communications

Step Up is Maverick Minstrel’s School for individual professionals. No school or college in the world prepares an individual to sell or talk to customers professionally. And eventually, it is the customer on whom all our salaries, incentives and career growth are dependent upon. Let us introduce you to our School.

Are you a Sales Professional? You will need UnSales sooner or later.

Sales is not a subject we usually study in College. However, if your current job involves selling for your company, your career growth will straight depend on your number performance. And then on your sales leadership skills.

Also, e-commerce has permanently changed the way people buy. None of the sales techniques that we were used to work anymore. We live in a world where everybody loves to buy but hates being sold to. All of this requires a new way of selling.

Presenting to you the UnSales Program. Here’s how we have enabled more than 1500 sales professionals sell the UnSales way:

  1. 1. Evaluation of your current Sales Practices – through our in-house scientific test.
  2. 2. Charting an Actionable Learning Plan – designing micro-sessions that blend with your working day.
  3. 3. Certification Program – learning new concepts and demonstrating it right then and there so you learn new behaviours.
  4. 4. Access to Alumni Platform – for continuous learning and being part of learning groups and interest clubs. 

Take the leap and apply here for the course.

Are you a Service Professional? (Software or Project Management Professional)

Project teams have to frequently interact with clients. We have observed that in spite of being brilliant at the technical work, it is articulating that expertise and giving the clients the right advise is the biggest challenge. At the same time this is also a big skill to help you grow within your company. Keeping in mind the classic challenges in the life of a software professional, here’s presenting to you a Communications Program that will help you:

  1. 1. Communicate: Ensure productive communication with brevity that saves you valuable time to be invested in getting the job done.
  2. 2. Collaborate: With different teams and onboard people on your ideas in minimal time.
  3. 3. Consult: Interact like a Consultant with your clients.

A program which has already been conducted by Capgemini, it is a guaranteed path to growth. Take the leap and apply here for the course.

We The People

Our Team

Mahesh Joshi

Principal Trainer

A master story teller and someone who has lived a life of a maverick, he brings in the leadership, art of conversation, fun and life into everything we do.

Kanchan M


With a passion for research, she brings in structure and stability to scale. She builds and nurtures their community of clients, partners and participants.

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Simple behaviours to boost Productivity

Personal Productivity

The Holy Grail of Communication

UnSales Leadership

Building a powerful Sales Culture

What do they have to say about us


Client Photo
Vijay Bedmutha MD of Bedmutha Industries from Nashik

We found a lot of sense in the way they plan the sales strategy. Their training programs were outstanding. Now looking forward to a long term association with them and growing the company to newer heights.

Client Photo
- MD of a Large Broking House in India, based in Mumbai

We originally floated a requirement of Negotiation Skills for all our Branch Managers. It is only after the diagnostics that it became clear that it was investigation skills that our people were lacking. When our Managers were enabled with sales strategy and added sales coaching skills, sales have been on the rise – qualitatively and qualitatively. We are happy to have used our budget wisely.

Client Photo
Mehul Tank Participant of UnSales Program held in Ahmedabad, he is from Baruch

The UnSales Program completely changed the way I sell. It got me not just better target achievement but helped me build clients that hold a lot of trust in me.

Client Photo
Nazima Khan Participant of Personal Productivity Program held at Bangalore

I always thought communication was all about designing slides and presentations. Communicating maverick style helped me not just express my ideas to clients better but I am now seen with more respect by my team mates as I am able to connect with people better.

Client Photo
Manvinder Singh Participant of UnSales Leadership held in Mumbai, he is the Regional Manager of a large Broking House, based in Pune

Their sales monitoring tools have saved me many many hours of team meetings, built more trust within me and my team, brought newer and better solutions for our customers and saved me a lot of agony and temper times frequent in the life of a sales leader!

We The People

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We The People

Infrequently Asked Questions

Before suggesting any intervention, we conduct an Evaluation that helps us understand your challenges in a detailed manner.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso. Inspired by this quote, Maverick is someone who goes beyond the rules. Minstrel is someone who goes from town to town imparting wisdom through stories, poems and music.

Serving the Customer is the primary purpose of any business. Profits are the results of that. All designations aside, everyone serves the Customer. Therefore, service is the reason your customers are buying from you and not competition. Sales is only the communication of the Service Experience.

We conduct a scientific behavioural survey to understand key current behaviours. The same survey is then conducted post the training to understand the change brought about in every participant.

We custom design productivity tools for the participants helping them turn learning into revenue.

The Knowledge

Maverick Insights

Getting Appointments with CEOs

Trying to attract that CEO who seem to be hidden in an impenetrable fort with his guards tightly guarding all possible ways to reach this

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Answer that question & it will throw a light on the art of Sales. Value depends on appreciation – on desire – on demand.. Value

UnSales Forecasting

Article One of Three. Many organisations still follow the generic sales forecasting method – add your most aggressive fantasy to last year’s achievement! Here’s an