Developer to Consultant – Productivity boosters for Client Partnerships

Personal Productivity

The Holy Grail of Communication

Personal Productivity

Clients expect the development team to proactively advise them rather than just doing what is told. They are looking for an effective consultant who will add value to the project and partner them in their growth initiative. This requires a new way of communicating and asserting with your clients.

Adopting a fresh new way of managing your work day, you will be armed with some powerful techniques to make the hours of your work day count.

Designing Meeting Requests that evoke action. Leading calls that drive client’s agenda and drastically cuts down the time spent on the call. Sometimes cuts down the very call itself.

Mapping the flow of influence within the client company and your company and how it interacts together. Understanding the critical business reasons so you can make an impact with the idea that you are proposing or the agenda you are trying to finish.

It is already challenging to get anyone quickly and easily onboard with your ideas. Let alone senior team members from either side. After this session, you will have enough ammunition for you to never face this challenge again.

Equipping you with Communication and Collaboration Best Practices used by the best performers across the globe. Most importantly, helping you put them all into action.

The biggest myth of communication is that communicating is making great presentations. Communication is first about asking intelligent questions, structuring your thoughts, and then giving your idea that is brief and powerful enough to make your listener act. We will help you precisely on this – how to structure your thoughts so you can communicate with brevity and influence.

Connecting what the listener needs with the idea you have to offer, you learn to adapt your message to the unique communication style of your listener. By now you will be adept at the science of communication.

Onboarding people on your ideas as quickly as possible so you can focus on productive work than spending time in meetings and con calls. It requires the art of conversation, a lifelong learning activity you will embark on after the program.