The Holy Grail of Sales


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The Unsale Program

E-commerce has permanently changed the way people buy. None of the sales techniques that we were used to work anymore. We live in a world where everybody loves to buy but everyone hates being sold to. All of this requires a new way of selling. Here’s presenting to you a series of sessions that you can cherry pick as per your wish. Or, do the entire program, get certified and be part of our alumni network.

The session gives a complete overview of the UnSales process. Participants are given a Sales Scan which consists of multiple choice questions based on real life sales scenarios. The results of the same are discussed during the first session basis your past sales performance. The learning content is then tweaked to help you boost your individual sales performance.

How wonderful will it be if you could just write down your future client list in a matter of hours! The good news is, you will at least write down how those names on that list look like after this session.

This session covers the heart of how influence flows within buyers when they make a buying decision and how it impacts your offer of a product or service. An extremely critical session if you wish to have control on your sales process and minimise the time to close the deal.

What if you could make friends with everyone you meet and get to be your client’s trusted friend? That’s exactly what you will be after this session – your buyer’s trusted friend. We will take you on an interesting journey of a theory to understand varied communication styles. And then practise it till perfection.

This is the heart of the program. We will present to you a variety of scenarios where you will be tempted to pitch before understanding the buyer requirement. At the end of the session, you will no more sound like a sales person. You will sound like a consultant who the buyer wants to seek advise from.
A highlight of the session is making buyers who tend to bully sales people listen to you.

The session will uncover the layers of buying motives and the delicate art of understanding them all. Various real life scenarios and your real life challenges are discussed equipping you with the meat you need to plate your solution.

Good communication emerges from clear thinking. We will help you structure your thoughts and then convert them into a solution that your buyer is hungry for. It is unlikely after having a taste of it, he or she will go elsewhere for a small discount.

By now you would have completed all the stages in the UnSales process and will be proficient in building value for your buyers. We are pretty confident that after building and presenting value in the UnSales way, your buyers will now show you the price resistance that you usually face. If they do, feel free to chat with us. Do remember to fill the productivity tool we will be gifting you in the end to self-assess your performance after every meeting. Let’s chat then to find what went wrong, or right.