Building a powerful Sales Culture

Unsales Leadership

Simple Leadership behaviours to boost Team Productivity

Unsales Leadership

A new way of sales requires a new philosophy of leadership. Its time to switch from just the numbers game to a new way of leading, monitoring and reviewing your team’s performance, to lead the way into the Brave New World.
Here’s presenting to you a series of sessions that you can cherry pick as you wish. Or, do the entire program, get certified and be part of our alumni network.

 Building a great sales team requires five critical elements:

  1. 1. UnSales Planning
  2. 2. Service Design
  3. 3. Leading Sales Teams
  4. 4. Review and Monitoring
  5. 5. Designing Sales Systems.

You will get an overview of the entire UnSales Leadership Program and all it’s critical elements and plan your learning journey towards building your dream sales team that drives predictable sales every quarter.

You will walk out with a sales plan the balances your Product and Revenue Mix translating into a healthy cash flow for your company. The plan will give you a clear sales forecast with a strong and smart funnel populated with profitable opportunities.

For the sales plan to be implemented you need to have a strong mix of team members and their complementing skill sets. Then comes the activity planning part on lead creation, closing and relationship building. Planning for activities needs clarity in RoI (Return on Investment) and by the end of the session you will have that clarity in abundance.

You will have acquired all the necessary skills to make everyone in your company speak the same language while serving your customers.

Find your Sales Leadership Style. Make your leadership growth plan. Start execution right after the session.

Understand the key hooks and hot buttons of your team. Design their compensation plans, R&R (Reward and Recognition) programs and career growth plans in a manner that drives output for you.

Productivity tools to track quality in your sales funnel and thus it’s predictability. Minimizing team meeting time and reinvesting it productively. Basically, shifting the number game to strategy game.

Mapping data and process flows that are sharply focused on the customer. And focused on all the people involved in serving the customer. Also, your people will trust the system and help you implement it after this session.

The key to climbing the organisational ladder is to start giving the deliverables of your boss. Success and growth will follow. This program will sharpen your leadership and help you with precisely those deliverables. Take the leap.